Inspection Tour: SC Inspected Development Works Of Cocokyun Township

7 August 2020
2020-08-07 10:22

The Chairperson of central committee for the development of national races, State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi met with the departmental officials of Cocokyun Township, Yangon Region and inspected the basic education high school and people’s hospital on Thursday.

The state counsellor and party were welcomed by the township level departmental officials, township elders and the local residents. Next, the state counsellor met with the township administrator and township level departmental officials at the office of Cocokyun Township general administration department.

At the meeting, Cocokyun Township administrator Daw Moe Moe Aye clarified the facts of the township, works carried out for reopening of high school, renovation of school buildings, provision of monthly rice ration, coverage of electricity supply and efforts for the development of the township.

Next, deputy director general of YCDC U Kyi Tin and chairman of Yangon City Electricity Corporation U Maung Maung Latt clarified the township development works and electricity supply conditions. Upon the clarifications, the state counsellor pointed out that in the consideration of the power of a country, the largest places cannot be specified as the power.

The country will have the real power with the strength of smallest places. It’s delightful for having a chance to visit such a smallest place of Cocokyun. Cocokyun can be said that it’s serving the security of the country from the edge of the country.

Next, the state counsellor encouraged the local residents and gave the necessary guidelines including township’s education development, transportation, health and COVID-19 prevention measures, election matters. Then, the state counsellor concluded her speech wishing physical and mental wellbeing for the local residents.

Later, the state counsellor visited Thathanamandaing monastery, paid homage to the presiding Sayadaw and offered the cash donation and offertories.  Afterward, the state counsellor arrived at the basic education high school, met with the principal and teachers and inquired the requirements. Then, the state counsellor met with the students cordially and handed over the cash assistance for the school to the principal.

Next, the state counsellor arrived at the people’s hospital, encourage the patients receiving treatment at the hospital and provided cash assistance. Then, the state counsellor extended words of congratulation to the medical superintendant and health staff for their service such a isolated place and handed over cash assistance for the nursery school and hospital.

Afterward, the state counsellor and party inspected the Cocokyun airport by motorcade, waved the staff members and local residents, left Cocokyun Township by special flight and arrived at Yangon in the evening.


-- End --