Inspection tour: C-In-C Inspected Tatmadaw Advanced Training School In Hinthada

16 May 2018

Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing met with officer instructors, Tatmatawmen and trainees at a local training school in Kwingauk  of Hinthada Station on Tuesday.

The Senior General accompanied by Commander-in-Chief (Navy), Commander-in-Chief (Air), senior military officers of the Office of the Commander-in- Chief (Army), Commander of South-West Command arrived at the Tatmadaw advanced training school in Kwingauk   in the morning.

At the meeting hall, the Senior General heard a report on training affairs, staff, adjutant and quartermaster affairs and Tatmadaw-owned farms, and the four military building tasks presented by the commandant.

In response, the Senior General stressed the requirements in training to build the strength of individual soldier, and the need for training according to set standards and ensuring adequate training for Tatmadawmen according to their ranks, and systematic growing of windbreak along the fence of the cantonment.

The Senior General, later, met with the instructors, Tatmadawmen and trainees of the training school and stressed the needs during the training.

After the meeting, the Senior General presented fiction and non-fiction books and food packages for the trainee officers and other ranks to the commandant. The Commander-in-Chief (Navy) presented foods, the Commander-in-Chief (Air) sports equipment and the commander foods.

Then, the Senior General and party had lunch together with the trainees at the mess hall.

In the evening, the Senior General and party went to the coconut oil and accessory factory (Pathein) of Myanmar Economic Corporation in Pathein.

After hearing a report by an official on production process, the Senior General gave instructions on systematic cultivation of coconut trees in the yards of military units for production of raw materials and coconut oil and systematic purchase of necessary raw materials. They then inspected the factory where they conducted round by officials.

Credit – Commander-In-Chief’s Office