Industrial Development: Myanmar’s DISI Signs MoU With Korean JROOT

4 February 2018

A Korean firm, JEONBUK  Root Industrial Association (JROOT), cooperated with Ministry of Industry of Myanmar to promote the industrial development.

JROOT signed the MoU with the Directorate of Industry Supervision and Inspection under the Ministry in Yangon on Saturday.

According to the MoU, JROOT will provide the technical valuable advice and solutions for the Myanmar Industrial Companies by analyzing and formulating solutions for research and development and industrial barriers.

Secretary General, JEONBUK Association for Root Industry, Jeongsu Kweon said “We came to Myanmar in the first month of 2017 to provide support for Myanmar’s industry. That is why we decided to sign the MOU. We want to help the industry of Myanmar improved by offering the equipments and technologies.”

JROOT will support the Ministry of Industry till 2021 by sharing their technology and donating the equipments that are in need.

This cooperation could bring the improvement of Myanma Industry Sector which has less interest by the entrepreneurs, the Director General of SME Development Department pointed out.

Director General, SME Development Department (Ministry of Industry), Aye Aye Win said “There are a lot of small and medium sized enterprises in Myanmar. But most of the private companies don’t have much interest in the industry sector as there is no improvement. Myanmar’s industry sector stays unsuccessful due to the lack of technology support and the role of it is fading. We want to improve the industry sector by cooperating with JROOT.”

A discussion on Future Cooperation and Implementation Schedule was also made at the ceremony.