Indian voters look forward to polls

11 March 2019

India will hold a general election in seven stages starting on April 11, the election commission said on Sunday. Until a few weeks ago, a shortage of jobs and weak farm prices were seen as denting Modi's popularity.

But pollsters say his ruling Hindu-nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party has a clear advantage over opposition parties after India's armed forces clashed with those of arch-rival Pakistan last month. Retired army Colonel said he expected the Modi-led National Democratic Alliance government to be in power after the elections.

A farmer on the outskirts of New Delhi said he hoped the next government would set up a mechanism for direct procurement from farmers. In the last general election in 2014, the BJP won 282 out of 543 contested seats in the lower house of parliament. The elections will be staggered in 7 phases from April 11 to May 19 and the votes would be counted on May 23.