Humanitarian Assistance: Minister For SWRR Provided Assistances For The Boat Refugees

13 June 2018

On 11th of June, the responsible officials found a broken boat and 104 people including 44 men and 60 women who stranded at the sea shore of AungBaLa ChaungWa, near Tharsi Village, Yathetaung Township and were transported to NgaKhuYa Reception Center.

They arrived at the center at 5:30 PM. After carrying out the scrutinizing them by the immigration population department, Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement provided humanitarian assistances.

The union minister for Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement, Dr. Win Myat Aye accompanied by the deputy minister, Rakhine State security and border affairs minister, senior officials from the relevant ministries and deputy commissioner of Maungtaw district arrived at NgaKhuYa reception Center at the evening on 12nd  June and met with the boat refugees.

At the meeting, the union minister said that this process is a extending of helping hand for the people who are in trouble without any discrimination, people who proclaimed themselves as the citizens of Bangladesh will be systematically handed over to Bangladesh authorities after necessary scrutinizing process through the diplomatic channel, those who were thoroughly verified as the residents in Myanmar will be transported to the relatives who live in villages in Buthitaung and Maungtaw Townships.

During the arrangement period, all are asked to cooperate and abide by the disciplines of the center while accommodating in the center. Next, the union minister met with the departmental officials,  gave the necessary instructions for the process and coordinated for the future working plans.