Hong Kong remains on edge as protesters demand leader to step down

17 June 2019
2019-06-17 15:09

Hong Kong protesters were still on the streets on Monday morning, seeking the ouster of government leader Carrie Lam and the scrapping of the extradition bill she postponed at the weekend. By daybreak the masses that filled the streets had diminished, but those who remained were sticking to their demands.

PROTESTER, EUNICE LAI said  "Yes we need Carrie Lam to answer our question. We need her to say she will cancel the extradition bill. This is the main reason. Now she just everyday keep talking(about) the same thing. She said she will stop it now but she didn't say she will cancel. This is the difference."

PROTESTER, MICHAEL WON said  "Yeah I'm stick with other people who asked for the withdraw. If it's only a subtle play of word, why don't you change the word into withdraw and make the people a bit happier. And pacify them. Why is it so hard to do? "

Protest organizers said almost 2 million people turned out on Sunday to demand that Lam step down in what is becoming the most significant challenge to China's relationship with the territory since it was handed back by Britain 22 years ago.

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