Holiday Season: People Begin Thingyan Vacation

12 April 2019

Myanmar Water Festival (Thingyan) usually occurs in middle of April and the dates of the festival which lasts over a period of four to five days are defined as public holidays.

This year, 5 consecutive Myanmar new year holidays from the 13th of April to the 17th allows people to have leisure trips across the country.

People travel by using the transportation of their choice such as express cars, train and airplane.

On Thursday evening, the bus terminal near Aung San Stadium in Yangon was crowded with travelers to and from Yangon who begin their vacation during Myanmar Thingyan public holidays.

Holidaymaker, Ye Lwin said “I visited Yangon with my family for a few days to see my parents. Tonight, we’ll go to Mandalay and then go back to Myitkyina. I worked for the whole year without a break and now I get to go for a leisure trip with my family.”

Holidaymaker, Myat Thida said “I visited Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon and now I’ll continue my trip to Mandalay where I’ll meet my family and relatives. I live in Myitkyina. I’ll stay in Mandalay for about 3 days.”

Holidaymaker, Myo Thant Tun said “I’m traveling back to my hometown, Monywa. There, I will rest well by reading books and meeting with old friends. I’ll stay for about 5 to 6 days. Traveling helps me reduce stress from work. I wish everyone to have a smooth life in the new year.”

Some people take vacations to famous travel spots within the country to celebrate the water festival meanwhile some travel back to their hometown to spend quality times with friends and families.

Holidaymaker, Chit Ko Ko said “I live in Tamwe township. I’m travelling to Mandalay with my brothers. We planned to tour around pandals across the city by car. I’ll stay there for 5 days. I’m very excited about it. I heard Mandalay Thingyan will be crowded with people and Shwe Htoo will be performing there too.”

Holidaymaker, Myat Linn said “I just came back from abroad. I can’t wait to go back to Monywa to meet my parents. I’ll take a rest at home. Although I wanted to go home as soon as I arrived back to the country, I had to wait for 2 days as I couldn’t buy tickets. I wish everyone including my parents to have healthy lifes.”

Holidaymaker, Su Lat Nandar said “I’ll go to Mandalay with my mother. It will take about a week. I will have fun during the water festival with my sisters and friends. I’m very happy that I get to enjoy my Thingyan in my hometown. I had difficulties in ticketing though.”

During Thingyan festival days, Myanmar people celebrate the new year by throwing water to one another and performing good deeds such as visiting pagodas and making donation, paying respect to elders and many more.