Historic Journey: New Documentary TV Series Launched

16 January 2020
2020-01-16 14:33

A documentary TV series on ‘Historic Journey’ was introduced in on Wednesday.

The TV series shows the exciting events and important milestones of the People’s Republic of China during its 70 years period from 1949 to 2019, and also the daily lives of thousands of Chinese citizens.

Union Minister, Ministry of Information, H.E. Dr. Pe Myint said “This is also a commemoration of friendly relations between Myanmar and China. It also marks the visit of Chinese President Xi to Myanmar. So, it could help for mutual understanding through the history and development endeavours. And we can also come up the ideas for our efforts in implementing nation building tasks. It could also be an encouragement for our endeavours.”

The TV series includes Chinese President Mr Xi Jinping’s modern socialist system thinking that contributes to valuable historical documentary visual art and a lot of information to show how within 70 years, successive communist leaders of China have led its citizens to revolution, formation and reforms towards the socialist system and the major results and valuable experiences along the way.

CEC Member, Myanmar China Friendship Association, Sein Nyunt said “We have many things to learn. They achieved development after overcoming many challenges. There are also sacrifices. What I want to highlight is their efforts on poverty alleviation which has been implemented phase by phase. This year, they said there is no person living in poverty in China. They implemented the project with the target. In 2030, there will be only a middle class people.”

The documentary TV series is dubbed in Myanmar language and produced by China Media Group. It has thirty minutes-long 24 episodes and can be viewed on Sky Net Knowledge TV channel at 7 pm daily.

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