Health Awareness: Talks On Danger Of Cigarette, Betel Quid And Tobacco

9 January 2019

The awareness raising talks for the danger of Cigarette, Betel quid and Tobacco related usages was held at Yangon University of Foreign Languages on Wednesday.

The talk was the joint efforts between Yangon Region Public Health Department under the Ministry of Health and sports and Ministry of Education.

According to the official statistics, about 7 million people die annually because of smoking Cigarette and Tobacco in the world, and in Myanmar, nearly 70,000 people die annually due to the same cause.

Among the Southeast Asian countries, Myanmar consumes high percentage of tobacco related products. 59% of the death rate in the country is due to the consequences of consuming tobacco related products.

Experts highlighted the higher rates of betel quid consumption and its danger.

Team Leader (NCD), YRPHD (Western District), Dr. Ei Mon Aung said “The rate of betel quid consumption is getting higher in Myanmar, and I think the numbers will grow continuously. According to the 2014 survey, there are 62% of men, 8% of women; all together over 40% of the country’s population consumes betel quid. And every year, the numbers of the patients are getting higher and higher. So I think we need more actions to reduce the consumption, including this kind of awareness campaign.”

Experts also share the actions that needed for the reduction of the cigarette and tobacco related products consumption.

Team Leader (NCD), YRPHD (Southern District), Dr. Oak Gar Phyo said “There are many things that we need to promote in order to reduce the usage of cigarette and tobacco related consumptions, like increase taxes for the cigarette and Tobacco related products, use those taxes for the health sector, and increase the awareness raising campaign across the whole nation. We need all kinds of cooperation, and we will continue this kind of awareness raising activities across the country.”

 Students welcome this kind of campaign and urged for more talks.

 Student, Lin Htut Soe said “I never smoke or consume any kinds of tobacco related products. Because it effects badly for health and society. I do have some friends that consume betel quid. I try to persuade them to quit it. This kind of talk is really needed and it should be held across the country, especially for young students.” 

The responsible officials and medical staffs have been working on the promotion of knowledge and awareness of the young generation, especially Universities students across Myanmar.