Growing Economy: UK Capital Market And Insurance Conference

12 December 2018

The UK Capital Market and Insurance Conference 2018 was held in Yangon on Wednesday.

The conference was organized by the Department for International Trade (DIT) of British Embassy in Yangon. It aims to strengthen the support of DIT in Myanmar growing capital market, and also hopes to go forward in future partnership.

Deputy Director, Department for International Trade, Warren Pain said “Today event is really indicative of what we are trying to do as UK government to play a part in Myanmar starting economic growth. Such positive GDP figures that we are seeing and the opening at international plays of key sectors economy including today capital market. It is particularly relevant for Myanmar to have an effective capital market in such as insurance market opening up to international play.”

The experts from business sectors discussed three topics- Leaders’ Dialogue, Bond Market Development for Myanmar and Insurance Business Support at the conference.

Commission Member, Securities and exchange commission of Myanmar, Tin May Oo said “Both Capital Market and Insurance sector are currently very important in Myanmar.

It will be very effective for our business sectors by organizing this conference. It’s also important to develop Bond Market in Myanmar. Now every country is trying to develop Bond Market respectively. Because bond market is only a safe way to fulfill long-term needs of the country’s budget. We have plans to carry out the development of the government’s secondary bond market.

If UK supports us like that, I think secondary bond market will develop rapidly.”

The business experts, investors, representatives from the Financial Service Businesses & Public Companies joined the UK Capital Market and Insurance Conference Yangon 2018.