Gilding Progress: Gold Offering To Shwedagon Pagoda Expects To Complete In April

15 March 2019

The Shwedagon Pagoda Board of Trustees gave an update on the status of the gilding work of the pagoda through a press briefing on Thursday.

A total of 14 committees, 7 central committees and 7 sub-committees were formed in September last year for gold plate offering process of the pagoda and the work of scaffolding was initiated since that time.

Gold plates of the pagoda are re-offered once in 5 years and currently 70% of the gilding work of the pagoda has been finished.

Gold plating is fixed for the areas from the Umbrella to the Bell and it is gold coating for Circular Bolts and Upturned Lotus and Inverted Lotus areas while the lowest part of the pagoda will have gold leaves.

Gold plates and coatings are produced directly from the pagoda owned gold factory - each gold plate contains 6 tical of gold and it is 1 tical of gold for gold coating.

Engineer, Shwedagon Pagoda Board of Trustees, Aung Myat said “Some people have misunderstanding that we remove the original gold plates. Actually, it is part of the maintenance work. It is replacing only those gold leaves that are about to come off by themselves. We do this once in 5 years. We substitute gold coating in place of gold leaves as gold leaves have much more damage and loss. It is difficult to apply gold plating in Upturned Lotus and Inverted Lotus areas. That’s why we used gold coating.”

It is expected to finish the whole gilding work of the pagoda at the end of April.