Garment Export: Government’s Support Needed For Meeting The Target

11 July 2018

Myanmar’s garment industry achieved increased income due to the demands from the US and EU countries. The International companies are also eyeing to the garment enterprises with full investments at the industrial zones.

According to Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association, Myanmar exported 3 billion USD of garment products in 2017. The Association hopes to achieve more export in this year.

Currently, the main export of garment products goes to European countries, Japan and US market.

Chairman, Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association, Myint Soe said “The amount of export would increase than the last year I think.  We now have market in EU, Japan, Korea and America as well.”

The government’s support is also needed to meet the target amount of export, one of the local manufacturers pointed out.

Director, Unique HTT company limited, Aung Myo Hein said “In order to meet our export targets, we should get fully electricity supplied, road transportation access, and skilled workers as well. Currently, we are working with this old system but I hope that the government will fulfill the needy things of garment sector.”

The garment sector is a powerful generator of livelihoods and opportunity for hundreds of thousands of families in Myanmar. Currently, there are about 500 factories with a total labor force of 500,000.

Chairman, Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association, Myint Soe said “The garment industry is ongoing very well even though there are some impacts by the new minimum wages. Some of the factory was closed for the wake of new minimum wages and most of the factories are keeping their business well.”

Manager, Dong Long Manufacturing Company Limited, Zhou said “It is essential for garment factories to consider conducting a social compliance audit. We follow the rules and regulations by Myanmar government. When the minimum wages are increased, we can’t ask more income to buyers. But we have to improve the productivity for fulfill the demands.  The export market is ongoing very well.”

Myanmar targets to reach more billion dollars worth of exports in this year, according to Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association.