Game Dev Challenge: More Than 20 Game Developer Teams Joined The Challenge

10 December 2018

Over 20 Game Developer teams competed in Game Dev Challenge 2018 conducted by Phandeeyar in Yangon on Sunday.

Phandeeyar have been organizing Game Dev Challenge annually since 2017 with the support of MCTC (Myanmar Creative Technology College) and Save in your Brain Entertainment.

It aims to promote Game Communi  ty, to create a platform for all game lovers and developers as well as to turn out more Game developers and high-quality Games in the country.

Accelerator Director, Phandeeyar, João Dutra said “We see a lot of talents and the challenges from the games in created. This year Challenge is bigger than last year. So we see any increasing the quality of games that have been producing.  The whole community is growing what I expect is that everyone participate actually learn a lot about the game. So learning is the biggest growth that we have.”

Mentors from Phandeeyar, MCTC and Save in your Brain and other professionals have been trained to the developers how to create a game since 1st December. 5 people of each group have to create Prototype game within 9 days in this challenge.

Co-organizer, Save In Your Brain, Thin Yadanar said “This year even under 16 year old age youths joined this competition. Many university students also joined this year. We have plans to organize such kind of competition in the near future too.  I think game developers need to go a long way to catch up international standard.”

FPS Team, Thuta Aye said “Our Game “Revenant of the Void” just got the winner. We are going to upgrade this game with the better quality for the users.  We have plans to add many more games levels, high quality graphic and others to our game. We face many challenges and got many lessons through these 9 days. By organizing such kind of competition, other developers like us can get many advantages like network and others.”

The winner will get a chance of publishing a game for the public, with the support of Phandeeyar, MCTC and Save in your Brain.