Futsal League: MIC FC beat VUC FC In The Final Match

21 March 2019

MFF Myanmar Futsal League 2018 is successfully concluded with the final match of MIC FC and VUC FC followed by the awarding ceremony on Wednesday in Yangon.

A total of 12 teams were competed in the league. MFF U-19 National Team and other 11 private FC Teams from Yangon Region completed in the league with two rounds. The 1st round was competed since August last year, and then the 2nd round resumed in February. MIC FC won the Champion of MFF Myanmar Futsal League 2018.

Player, MIC FC, Kyaw Htet Aung said “I am very happy for this achievement and very proud for my team. We conducted many training for this League. This is 3rd time that we compete in such kind of league. Last year, we also ranked the second place in the league and first place in Open Cup. We have plans to take part in the upcoming AFF Futsal Club Championship 2019.”

MFF Myanmar Futsal League is the top-tier professional Futsal league under Myanmar Football Federation (MFF). Myanmar Football Federation organizes Futsal League and Open Cup annually in order to turn out the national Futsal players and outstanding players for the International match as well as to promote futsal sports among young community.

Chairman, MFF Futsal and Beach Soccer Committee, Kyi Min Thein said “Our committee is planning to hold Futsal Open Cup later next month in Mandalay for the first time by the lead of Myanmar Football Federation. And then, we will organize annual Open Cup in Yangon. There will be another tournament for each top 4 teams from Open Cup Yangon and Mandalay to turn out the outstanding players for the National Futsal Team.” 

10 million Kyats for 1st winner, 7.5 million Kyats for 2nd and 6 million Kyats for 3rd winner were awarded respectively.  Awards for Best player, Best Goalkeeper and the cleanest FC were also presented.