Friendship Film: Korea-Myanmar Friendship Film “A Flower Above The Clouds”

30 May 2019
2019-05-30 16:56

A media briefing on Korea-Myanmar friendship film “A Flower above The Clouds” took place in Yangon on Thursday.

The film is jointly produced by JBJ Entertainment of Korea and Big 5 Film Production of Myanmar. It will be directed by Academy Zin Yaw Maung Maung and chief director Min Thant Maung Maung. Story and script is written by Moe Ni Lwin and cast members for the film are korean actor Ryu Sang Wook, Myanmar actor Kyaw Htet Aung and actress Wut Mhone Shwe Yi and many more. The film is about a love story between a korean man and a very beautiful girl from Myanmar who lives through trauma and afraid to come out to the real world.

CEO, Big 5 Film Production, Zin Yaw Maung Maung said “The most important thing is script – we had to write it for 7 times and had to take very serious about the script as it is an international film. The decisions made by each character in the film are very beautiful. The flower at the top of Chin hills blooms above the clouds and houses and that’s what I want to deliver through this film. I went to Korea 3 times for location scouting.”

The CEO added that the team concerted most efforts on story and script as actors have to talk in English for about 80% of the film.

Chairman, JBJ Entertainment, Jeong Bunja said “We initiated the idea to produce a Korea-Myanmar friendship film last year. I hope the film to be very interesting for the film lovers. We have scouted locations in Korea for the film for 2 times. There were challenges but it was fun.”

40% of the shooting will happen in Chin state of Myanmar, 30% in cities such as Seoul, Busan and Gwangju of Korea and the remaining scenes will be shot in Mandalay and Yangon cities of Myanmar.

Director, Big 5 Film Production, Nan Mouk Laung Saing said “I have always wanted to produce a film about what happens in real life. This film is about challenges and difficulties occurred in ordinary people’s lives. This is the first film for our Production. The film will show internal conflicts and worries of people living in real world.”

Chairman, Conum Co., Ltd., Louis Pyo said “I decided to make investment in the film as famous and experienced producers and directors are working together for the film. I invest a lot in Korean film industry and this is my first investment for something out of Korea.”

One of main characters of the film is very determined and thinks only about business while his counterpart is artistic and soft minded. The orginal song track of the film is created by Myanmar musician Diramo and sung by singer Nay Nay. The shooting will start on the 6th of June.


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