Friendly Matches: Korea FC Pohang Steelers To Play Friendly Matches

28 May 2019
2019-05-28 10:06

2019 FC Pohang Steelers Tour Matches is set to be run in Myanmar during this month.

Pohang Steelers is going to play Friendly Matches with 2 of Myanmar Football Teams- Ayeyawady United FC and Myanmar U-22 in May, according to the press at Myanmar Football Federation in Yangon.

“This is the second time tournament in Myanmar for Pohang Steelers and the new playing techniques can be exchanged between the two countries of Korea and Myanmar” said the Head Coach of Pohang Steelers at the press as well.

Head Coach, FC Pohang Steelers, Choi Soon-Ho said “As for me, I already heard that Myanmar Footballers are very strong since I was young. But the qualities of Myanmar Footballers are coming late. So, we will look evaluate more how the capacity of Myanmar Players can improve more and I am glad to play here with Myanmar Teams.”

Myanmar Teams hope to gain the new experiences from the friendly matches between the two countries.

Head Coach, Myanmar U-22, Velizar Popov said “This is completely different level comparing to us. We are very far from this level. This is one of the best team in Korea. Former champion of the champion. So the level is completely different this team is too strong for us. But anyway we need to play, we try our best and…….”

Pohang Steelers FC will play Friendly Matches with Ayeyawady FC on May 28th at 5pm and on 30th May at 5pm with Myanmar U-22 at Thuwana Stadium, Yangon with free entry.

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