Free Treatment Program: Free Treatment For Cleft Lip & Cleft Palate, Burn Patients

23 January 2019

A free treatment program is underway at Retired Government Employees Hospital in Pobbathiri Township of Nay Pyi Taw. The program for cleft lip & cleft palate and burn patients is led by Faces of Tomorrow (USA) Group comprised of 26 doctors and nurses. The program began on the 19th of January.

Myanmar Maternal and Child Welfare Association provided cash assistance for the patients on Wednesday. Under this program, the Faces of Tomorrow (USA) Group performs surgery for 12 patients a day at most.

Medical Superintendent, Retired Government Employees Hospital, Dr. Yin Thandar Lwin said “The Faces of Tomorrow Group contacted us 6 months ago for this free treatment program – this is their 1st time here at this hospital. For this program, we received the patients through the Myanmar Maternal and Child Welfare Association.”

Pediatrician, Dr. Kevin Haug said “We’re here to help Children here in Myanmar with the cleft lip & palate but also we’ve been enable to help a few other children with some different problems.” “My job with the group is to help take care of the children before the surgery and after the surgery.” “The patients that we’ve been taking care of here are our group has been very pleased with their healthy - the children are – the local children seem to be very healthy – they’re very good weighed – there’ve been successful operations with very few problems because health of the children is good to begin with. And, that made our job much easier.”

Tin Htay, Yamethin Township said “Thanks to these doctors and nurses, my child with cleft lip & cleft palate problem has now become normal as others – the surgery was performed yesterday and it’s free.”

This free treatment program will continue till the 27th of January. The Faces of Tomorrow (USA) Group has been in several other places around the world including the Philippines, South America and Africa for cleft lip & cleft palate patients.