Forty-six countries take part in maritime exercise on Pakistani coast

12 February 2019

Pakistan's Navy took part in multinational maritime exercise AMAN-19 on Monday off the coast of Karachi as the 'at-sea phase' of the 5 day event began.

PAKISTANI NAVAL OFFICIAL, COMMODORE, MOHAMMAD SALEEM said "In AMAN 2019, we have total 44 countries which are participating in this exercise. This exercise has basically two phases. It has harbour phase and the sea phase. Now we are towards the termination of this exercise in which we will have international Fleet Review which is the final event of this exercise. After this event, few navies will go back and few navies will stay back for bilateral exercises."

The exercise is designed to develop and practise response tactics, techniques, and procedures for maritime infrastructure and forces against traditional and non-traditional threats. Pakistan has held AMAN navel drills since 2007 and this years iteration will end on Tuesday with a cultural show.