Former mayor of Lima jailed before trial in Odebrecht probe

15 May 2019
2019-05-15 11:53

A judge on Tuesday ordered Susana Villaran, the former mayor of the Peruvian capital Lima, to 18 months in pre-trial detention in connection with alleged bribes from Brazilian construction companies Odebrecht and OAS. Judge Jorge Chavez said Villaran would seek to obstruct an ongoing corruption probe unless detained before trial. In Peru, criminal suspects can be held in so-called preventive prison for up to three years before trial. After Chavez handed down his ruling, Villaran left the courtroom accompanied by police officers, becoming the latest Peruvian politician detained in the massive graft probe involving on Odebrecht. Since late 2016, when Odebrecht admitted publicly to bribing officials across Latin America and parts of Africa, all four of Peru's most recent presidents have received preventive prison sentences.

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