Flower Parade: To Celebrate 70 Years Of Friendship Between The Netherlands & Myanmar

11 October 2018

A flower parade will be held in Yangon on the 23rd, 24th and 25th this month to celebrate the 70 years of friendship between the Netherlands and Myanmar. A press briefing for the parade was held on Thursday morning in Yangon.

The 3- day parade will be held in Yangon’s People’s Square - vehicles and carts which are beautifully decorated with flowers will march in the certain route from 4 pm to 6 pm on the opening day. The upcoming flower parade will be the very first time in Myanmar and will be the 3rd country to hold it in Asia.

Ambassador, Kingdom of the Netherlands to Myanmar, Wouter Jurgens said “The Netherlands and Myanmar are very close together. We are very happy to be strong partners and I think flowers are also a way to express how we feel about each other. So in that sense, flowers parade can show the beauty of that relationship.” “I hope you are all come to see the flowers parade because it’s really beautiful and I hope with this we can also contribute not only to Myanmar-Netherland cooperation but also to help farmers grow beautiful flowers for the Myanmar people.”

The flower parade is a true Dutch tradition and called Bloemencorso in the Netherlands.

CEO, FMK Business Support, Mya Thway Yee said “Netherlands is the most famous one for the flower culture and the whole world, about 50% of the export of the world’s flower from Netherlands, so I think of like, if we can have the parade like in Netherlands, it might be very nice. And especially, it’s not only for the 70 years anniversary, my plan is that if we can do every year, it’s also a kind of like promotion for tourism.” “It’s more than 200,000 sterns of flowers.” ‘I think more than 10 million or 20 million flowers we have to use in this event.”

The opening ceremony of the flower parade will be held in the morning of the 23rd of October, and in the evening, there will be performance display of Myanmar Marionette as an edutainment programme. There will be an Orchestra concert on the 24th of October, and Myanmar traditional dances will be performed on the 25th of October.