Fitness Competition: Myanmar Fitness Dance Will Include For The First Time

26 October 2018

Myanmar Women’s Sports Federation is going to organize 24th Region & State Competition for Women Body Fitness.

The competition will be taken place from 4th to 7th November at Thuwunna Indoor Stadium (1) in Yangon. A total of 25 prizes will be given out and around 400 participants from all the Regions and States are expected to join the competitions.

The competitions include above-12 and under-12 categories in both Aerobic and Myanmar Fitness Dance. The Myanmar Fitness Dance Competition will be held for the first time which is created, based on the Zumba Dance, an official said during a press briefing on Friday.

Vice President, Myanmar Women’s Sports Federation, Yi Yi Win said “There is something special about this year competition. We added Myanmar Fitness Dance competition aside from Aerobic, starting from this year. The Zumba Dance is so popular around the world. Based on that, with the combinative creation of Myanmar national ethnic music, there will be Myanmar Fitness Dance.” 

Starting from the 3rd November, Myanmar Women’s Sports Federation will be holding “Women in Sports” seminar with the Southeast Asian Olympic Committee. The seminar will last 3 days and will be the 1st one to be held in Myanmar.