Fishery Sector: Fish And Shrimp Breeders Exchanging Experience

9 February 2018

A total of 30 local breeders, the members of Myanmar Fisheries Federation gathered at a discussion on the sustainable development of Myanmar Fisheries and Shrimp industries in Yangon on Friday and widely shared the experiences for the development of industry and the approaches to penetrate the international market.

The discussion aims to increase the fish and shrimp breeding industry in Myanmar, to expand export market and also to exchange the needs and challenges of the industry among the breeders for the development of industry in the near future.

CEC Member, Myanmar Fisheries Federation, Min Maung Maung said “We need more support from the government for the development of the fishery and shrimp breeding industry and we also need to educate the public. So, we will discuss the importance of shrimp pond and the support of the government for the development of industry.”

In the meantime, the industrial leaders also highlighted about the situation of production and market conditions at the discussion.