Fishery Export: Market Stable Despite Suspension From Saudi

12 June 2018

Myanmar is getting ready its cold storage for fishery products to be inspected for exporting again to Saudi Arabia.

According to the announcement of World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), Saudi Arabia’s general authority for food and medicine suspended Myanmar’s fishery products by stating that white tail disease is detected in Myanmar’s fresh water prawns.

Saudi Arabia suspended fish and prawn imports from Myanmar since the 1st of April in accordance with regulatory procedures issued by the Food and Drug Authority (FDA).

General Secretary, Myanmar Fishery Federation, Win Kyaing said “Myanmar is one of the countries to be suspended by Saudi Arabia for fishery imports. The suspension on Myanmar is followed after the suspension on Vietnam. A delegation of several regulators conducted inspections of 25 Vietnamese facilities and found that only nine facilities met the hygiene requirements of Saudi Arabia. We contacted the Saudi Arabia side for the sudden suspension and rebut that we have been exporting fishes to Saudi Arabia for several years and there was no detection of any kind of disease in our products.”

Myanmar’s fishery products are suspended along with Bangladesh and India following its suspension of seafood imports from Vietnam.

The Myanmar Fishery Federation said Saudi side is going to send a team to inspect the products, and once it meets their standard, the suspension will be lifted.

General Secretary, Myanmar Fishery Federation, Win Kyaing said “We requested the authorities from Saudi Arabia to suspend the prawn import only and to allow the fish import. They replied that they will conduct inspections on the fishery products and the import will be allowed only when our products meet their standards. Now, we are still in suspension and are prepare our cold storage and facilities to be inspected.”

Saudi Arabia is the main fishery export market of Myanmar with over 40% of Labeo Rohita export and over 30% of farm-raised fish export. Myanmar had been exporting more than 21,000 tonnes of Myanmar fish and prawns to Saudi Arabia every year and brought in between $ 25 million to $35 million yearly.