Fisheries & Aquaculture: Yangon University Research Center launches 4-year B.Sc Programme

18 February 2019

The first ever 4-year B.Sc Programme on Fisheries and Aquaculture was officially launched in Yangon University Research Center on Monday.

Deputy Minister for Education together with the German Ambassador and members of the EU delegation attended the launching ceremony. According to the Myanmar Fisheries Federation, Myanmar exported about 450,000 tonnes of fishery products in the first nine months of the fiscal year of 2018-2019, earning 514 million USD. With the growing export market for aquaculture industry, Parliament approved the establishment of the Fishery University, where students will be nurtured to become the specialized professionals to promote the aquaculture industry.

Head of Cooperation, EU Delegation to Myanmar, Dr. Johann Hesse said “It’s great to see that it launch to be for the 1st time ever such the program take place in the university of Yangon and make us very proud to be partners with the government of Myanmar in this and we are very pleased to see the leadership by the ministry of agriculture and livestock and also the university of Yangon to make this possible.”

Currently for the course, 18 local teachers and visiting professors from Europe and ASEAN are providing practical training and scientific knowledge in the different aspects of aquaculture and fisheries management.

Professor, Fisheries & Aquaculture, Prof. Kay Lwin Tun said “Students in fisheries and aquaculture can learn international standard curriculum with international standard labs and lecture rooms and their teaching methodology is very modernize and we develop the teaching methodology diverse from traditional way, we also develop the assessment method to motivate the students and to upgrade their capacity and methodology.”

41 students, who achieved at least 420 marks in the matriculation exam with minimum 75 marks in Biology and 60 in English, have been studying as the very 1st batch of Myanmar since December 2018.

1st Year, Fisheries & Aquaculture Major, Kaung Sett Thaw said “As you know, this subject is launched in Myanmar very first time. So, my parents thought that after graduation, will get a job exactly. And I joined this major. And then, I also interested gradually. I enjoy this subject.”

The B.Sc programme is supported by the Myanmar Sustainable Aquaculture Programme (MYSAP) which is jointly funded by the European Union and Germany. And MYSAP is also engaged in preparation training for faculty members for the M.Sc programme for the future. The application for the 2nd intake of this B.Sc programme will be opened in June 2019.