First Day Panglong: Policies Of Five Sectors Submitted

11 July 2018

First day meeting of the 3rd session of the Union Peace Conference – 21st Century Panglong was held in Nay Pyi Taw on Wednesday.

The reports of Union Peace Dialogue Joint Committee - UPDJC and Union Level Joint Monitoring Committee - JMC-U were presented at the meeting.

The UPDJC Vice Chairmen expressed that the peace process has gained achievement to some extent and all concerned parties have to continue efforts for the success of the goal.

Vice Chairman, UPDJC, Thu Wai said “We have been working for the peace process since the beginning. We, all the involved persons, made our utmost efforts for achieving this but we still didn’t meet this. However, we have reached to some level of success. So, we need to continue our efforts.”

Vice Chairman, UPDJC, Salai Hlyan Hmone Sar Khaung said “We have great expectation. This conference is not held for only one time. It’s has been held one after another. So, we want the public to understand that it is not an event but it is a process. Once we have the principles for the federal and democracy systems, we will continue the implementation.”

The EAO representatives also expressed that negotiations have to continue between the NCA signatories and non-signatories for signing the Union Accord.

Vice Chairman, Pa-O National Liberation Organization, Khun Myint Tun said “To sign in the NCA has to decide by the concerned organizations. They need to be learnt and observed the implementation of NCA process. KIO was involved in drafting the NCA together with us. They are also making efforts to take part in this process. There is no organization that says to avoid the NCA process. We need to continue negotiation to sign the Union Accord for achieving peace.”

Minister, Ministry of Lahu Ethnic Affairs, Yaw That said “If we can make thorough discussions on the issues like gender equality, ethnic minority affairs and equal rights, I hope we can make a move to some extent.”

The policies on the political, economic, social, land and environmental affairs, and security matters were presented during the meeting.