The Festival Of Light: Myanmar Jewish Community Hosts Annual Hanukkah Reception

7 December 2018

Jewish Community in Myanmar commemorates the 8th edition of annual Hanukkah grand reception in Yangon on Thursday evening. More than the 200 people from different background and different religion from government, business, diplomat, and religious leaders from Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and Baha’i and Hindu communities joined the event.

Hanukkah is the very ancient holiday of the Jewish. More than 2000 years ago, the temple of Israel and the temple of the Jewish people were saved after it was demolish by the Greek. Since then, the Jewish people are remembering the very important story from generation to generation.

The Head of the Myanmar Jewish Community said that the ceremony aims to show the religious freedom in Myanmar and wish to spread this message to the world community.

Head, Myanmar Jewish Community, Sammy Samuels said "We have a Muslim and Christian, Hindu and Baha’i, Jewish and Buddhist, all the religion living peacefully side by side. So this kind of festival is very meaningful for not just for the Jew but for everyone. So, we should not just doing this in Yangon, it should be all over Myanmar and we should celebrated as well. .... We want to show that the religious freedom in this country and that is the main purpose of the Hanukkah religious freedom. So we try to show to the world.”

There are around 20 Jewish people remained in Myanmar. The Israeli Ambassador expressed that “Myanmar is something unique that can bridge between all communities of people.”

Ambassador, Israel Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar, H.E. Ronen Gilor said “Jewish community Myanmar is very small one and it’s just to be a big Jewish community here in the thirty to fourty or fifty of the last century. But still, we have here standing very proudly the marvels Synagogue downtown Yangon and we are very proud and this is the simple relationship between the Jewish people and Myanmar people. I think that Synagogue is downtown Yangon with the veteran embassy that we have having Yangon.”

One of the visitors pointed out the connected the tradition of the feast and it’s universal values with the actuality in the region, and hope to find the ways to settle the difference and find the ways continue living harmony and peace.

Jewish Visitor, Israel, Shoshan Jacob said “Very happy to be here tonight defected that we are all get here tells the very special story about this country. The facts that have gone the representatives of Jewish community, the Muslim one, the various Buddhist, Christian, Sikh, all kinds of religions say something very special about this country while the media play a very special story about what happened on unfortunately some part of the country. What happen here, it shows unity of respect of the acceptance, of Torrance of mutual friendship that what get all together on the occasion of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah of celebration tonight…”

Diplomatic relations between Myanmar and Israel is the historical one. Since the independence of both nations in 1948, a long relationship has been started between the two countries and between the two people.