Ex-con faces murder charges in axe attack on two women

22 April 2019
2019-04-22 13:17

Police have criminally charged a Brooklyn ex-convict. Jerry Brown, 34, was charged with murder, and attempted murder for the Saturday bloodbath that left his girlfriend Angela Valle, 21, in the hospital in serious condition with deep gashes to her head and body, the Daily News said.

DEPUTY POLICE CHIEF, NEW YORK, MICHAEL KEMPER said "911 was called, and patrol units and EMS responded outside of 811 Flushing Avenue in regard to a female assaulted. Upon their arrival, they were met by a 21-year old female who had a deep laceration to the back of her head.""As this female was being treated by EMS, they became aware that another female was inside of 811 Flushing Avenue, in an eighth floor apartment."

The Daily News reported that Brown has multiple prior arrests. He was arrested for strangulation in January 2017 and has also been arrested for assault, robbery, and burglary.

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