Electrification Target: CSOs Suggest The Use Of More Renewable E nergy

13 June 2019
2019-06-13 10:05

In Myanmar, about 44% of the whole country has access to power grid from hydropower, coal power, natural gas and renewable energy. But the country still has giant sum of demand for electricity. The government is carrying out the reform processes in the energy sector to overcome the challenges and to get 100% electrification across the country under Myanmar National Electricity Master Plan.

At the recent Pyithu Hluttaw session, the issues for implementing cent percent electrification by 2030 in the whole country by obtaining 33% from coal power, 32% hydropower, 20% of natural gas, 9% from renewable energy and 6% from Mega Dam was discussed by the Representatives.

Civil Society Organizations suggested the use of more renewable energy while equally rely on solar and hydro power. The suggestion was made during “Myanmar Civil Societies’ Energy Forum” in Yangon on Wednesday. 

Country Representative, Mekong Energy and Ecology Network, Kyi Phyo said “In Myanmar, about 60% electric supplies rely on the hydropower plant. But, there were many problems in electricity last year summer due to the shortage of water. Besides, civil organizations also criticize about the implementation of mega dam. Meanwhile power solution for the country goes to the coal power.  Now the use of solar power becomes popular among the industrial zones. We think that it will be suitable for our country’s electricity supply if we use solar power and hydropower plant equally.”

It’s also encouraged to review and upgrade the current energy resources without relying mainly on hydropower. Plans are also underway to submit the statement from this forum to the policy makers to consider as a fact when they make policies for the country’s 100% electrification.

Working Committee Member, Myanmar Civil Societies’ Energy Forum, April Kyu Kyu said “We heard that the government’s plan for the 100% electrification by 2030 in the whole country by mainly relying on the coal power and hydropower plants. But the use of those power plants could damage the environment and also impact the social life. This forum aims to reveal that there are many options for the sufficient energy rather than the use of coal power and Mega dam. Renewable energy like solar power and biomass should be the best suitable options for the country’s energy supply as it brings many benefits to us.” 

According the Ministry of Electricity and Energy, a 170MW solar power plant in Minbu Township will soon begin supplying 40MW of power to the national grid. Moreover, several power plants are being constructed as well in Myingyan Township, Kyakse, Thatone and Namt Htwan.

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