Electoral Meeting: UEC Chairman Meets With Kayah State Sub-Election Commissions’ Officials

14 January 2020
2020-01-14 11:13

Union Election Commission Chairman U Hla Thein met with Kayah State sub-election commissions’ officials on Monday. In the meeting at the sub-commission’s office in the State, the UEC Chairman stressed that 2019 was designated for compiling the electoral roll, and officials compiled the list from the township level.

He also said that the UEC has been working to ensure all eligible citizens do not lose the opportunity to exercise their voting rights. Also, the Chairman urged the sub-commissions to be vigilant in ensuring the electoral rolls are comprehensive and updated regularly.

The Chairman also stressed that all the sub-commissions must fulfill their assigned duties to ensure the 2020 General Elections are held in accordance with the five norms of being independent, fairness, transparency, acceptance by the majority and consistency with the desire of the public. The meeting discussed the progress of election-related processes in the State. 

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