Efforts For Youth: Myanmar Youth Technopreneurship Development Program 2019

10 February 2019

The Final Selection Event for Myanmar Youth Technopreneurship Development Program (MYTDP) 2019 was held in Yangon on Sunday.

Myanmar Youth Technopreneurship Development Program was first started in 2018 to backup the technologically innovative young people from the universities and colleges across Myanmar. The program was jointly organized by Myanmar Computer Federation and Myanmar Posts & Telecommunications (MPT).

Chairman, MYTDP Organizing Committee, Thaung Su Nyein said “We’d invited competitors since October and over 100 teams applied. We chose 15 teams each from upper and lower Myanmar. After the rounds of competition, 5 teams each from upper and lower Myanmar emerged as 10 final teams. Today, we will judge on their project idea, technology and presentation, cooperation skill and also whether they can really get into the actual market if they get investment.”

In today’s event, the 10 finalist teams, 5 each from upper Myanmar and lower Myanmar, competed as their final stage. There’re 7 judges from the business field and technology field.

Team Kyaukse Exo, Upper Body  Exoskeleton Suit Project, Than Htike Oo said “At first, we were doing a prototype of safety suit for industrial workers. But, with the advice from the judges pointing out there could not be a good market, we decided to work on rehabilitation exoskeleton for the paralyzed patients. This prototype cost nearly 1 million kyats and the project took about 8 months.”

Team Twin, Autoalart Project for Food, Nang Kham Li said “We are going to introduce a platform where one can get all the regional snacks within ASEAN. We aim to help Myanmar local snacks get into the ASEAN market. We are the only team that brought about food. What I want is very simple - Myanmar has a lot of products - I want them to reach to the ASEAN. I have complete confidence in our project.”

The finalist teams underwent a 9- day training camp by the distinguished business persons from technological field from January 30 to February 8 at Kanaung Hub.

Chief Operating Officer, MPT-KSGM Joint Operation, Yoshiaki Benino said “We or our value-add aids to support MCF program to enhance their application from process country. Of course, once a contestant was selected, we like to support financially and tech. Through the boot camp, one of the MPT directors and the regions, they are joining to give the lectures to experience sharing in the actual business. That will be definitely helpful for young entrepreneurship.”

The best 3 teams will be awarded the cash prize of 8 million kyats and 6 months free office space each at Kanaung Hub. They will also get company licenses and the chance to be monitored by the successful businesspersons. The other 7 teams will be awarded 500,000 kyats each. Klenic Myanmar out of the best 3 teams last year is now running as a startup business.