Efforts For Rights: MyRights Application Launched

25 September 2018

A tool to lessen the burden of people left out by community, MyRights application was launched by Alliance Myanmar in Yangon on Tuesday.

The application with the support of UNAIDS and Save the Children aims to promote community feedback mechanism (CFM) and to capture report and record on human right violation cases and discrimination in the community. It’s mainly for the LGBT people, sexual workers, people with HIV/AIDS and people related to them.

Executive Director, Alliance Myanmar, Dr. Soe Naing said “The application can be used by community, anyone to send information to the central response team and the application can also be used by case facilitators. Case facilitators have their own password and username. They can really report the cases so they know who did it, what happened, when and what’s the impact, etc. Case facilitators can report to central response team and central response team can follow up and provide some support as necessary.”

The victims of discrimination and violation can contact the case facilitators through MyRights app’s chat and CFM hotline and Facebook page so that facilitators can engage them with the related authorities and organizations to solve the cases.

Executive Director, Alliance Myanmar, Dr. Soe Naing said “I think about after 1 year, we should have information – what are the common cases, who are the most vulnerable population in the community to be discriminated, what are the cases we commonly see, etc. so that we can advocate for better policy and legal norms which are very important actually – not only to protect the rights of these populations but also to improve the effectiveness of HIV interventions.”

Community Feedback Mechanism, CFM has been active in 20 townships of Myanmar since 2014 and over 140 cases were reported from 2015 to 2017. People who want to report on MyRights need to provide information on their name, phone number, brief of event and impacts.