Efforts for Rakhine State: Development works under Myanmar-India MoU

4 December 2022
2022-12-04 14:32

According to the Myanmar-India Memorandum of Understanding, the Indian Government has provided Rakhine State with 250 houses for the first year. In addition, 13 projects have been approved for the second year - 40 project implementation tasks were identified by the Ministry of social welfare, relief and resettlement and relevant departments have been working on the tasks in an orderly manner.

Director, Department of Disaster Management, Nilar Tun said "India has signed a MoU to provide USD 5 million per year for 5 years to carry out the development works in Rakhine State. After the 1st year project, the 2nd and 3rd year projects are underway in the State. Regarding the 2nd year, 13 projects approved by the Rakhine State Government and its relevant departments are being implemented. "

Due to the MoU, it is more convenient to carry out the processes step by step and can be reported easily to the Indian Government. The procedures are implemented in 4 phases: formation of a joint project monitoring committee in the 1st phase, calling for tenders and contract in 2nd phase, completion of works to a specified extent in the 3rd phase and cash withdrawals in the 4th phase.

And also, the meetings have been held and proposals have been submitted for the 3rd year project.

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