Efforts For Bagan: Presenting The Bagan To Be On The World Heritage List

12 April 2019

The event on presenting the Bagan to be on the World Heritage List was held in Yangon on Friday.

Organized by the Department of Archaeology and National Museum, the event is to clarify the plans for Bagan's application to be listed as a World Heritage site to ambassadors and Committee members from (21) countries of the World Heritage Site in Myanmar, officials and donors. Bagan Archaeological Area and Monuments has been tentatively listed into UNESCO world heritage sites since 1996. The UNESCO will announce the decision at a meeting to be held in Azerbaijan from June 30 to July 10.

Director, Division of World Heritage Site, Than Zaw Oo said “Last year, we presented the culture, history and traditions of ancient Bagan in Manama of Bahrain. Bagan was the heart of the largest Buddhist kingdom of the medieval world, a centre of an economic, socio-political and cultural network in active exchange with other parts of the region in Myanmar. There are two parts in decision making - one is technical evaluation – that was done in September 2018. The other is finalization which will be done in 2019.”

Myanmar has been trying for enlisting the famous ancient city of Bagan as one of the world's cultural heritages lying in the central part of the country with thousands of religious edifices and pagodas.

Chief Representative, JICA Myanmar Office, Masayuki Karasawa said “…Very Congratulate for this occasion. We are looking forward to hear the good news for this UNESCO Historical and National Heritage. I believe you can hear the good news for the National Heritage Program. We expect very good development for the BAGAN areas reserving the good environment for the heritage. Together, we expect the good development for the areas, the tourism industry….”

In Myanmar, ancient cities such as Pyu, Hanlin and Beikthano, Tharay-Khit-taya are included in the World Heritage List on 24 June, 2014. Bagan will be image of unification and civilization if included in the World Heritage List.