Effort for Development of Pulp and Paper: MoI UM met with pulp and paper industry association

21 February 2024
2024-02-21 20:28

Union Minister for Industry Dr. Charlie Than met with the Chairman and members of Myanmar Pulp and Paper Industry Association at the meeting hall of the Ministry in Nay Pyi Taw in the morning on Wednesday.

At the meeting, the Union Minister clarified the guidance of the Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister regarding with pulp and paper among the guidance and instructions during the Union Government meeting and the meeting with the MSMEs in Regions and States.

The Union Minister added that the SAC Chairman gave a guidance to manufacture high grade papers with straw pulp. It’s implementing to establish small scale factories. It creates domestic job opportunity.

The Ministry will cooperate to be able to manufacture machinery and equipment domestically. The responsible officials of the association need to re-clarify the policy and future work plans set by the State to the members of association. The Ministry will implement the development of the heavy industries.

The small-scale industries will be handed over for the development of private industry sector. The Ministry will fulfill requirements for the development of pulp and paper production industries.

Next, the Chairman of Pulp and Paper Industry Association and association members clarified the related matters and difficulties encountered in the production of pulp and paper and the Union Minister, Director General and Managing Director gave supplemented clarification, coordinated necessary matters and the Union Minister gave a speech of conclusion.

-- End --