Education Sector: Forum On Implementation Of Education Development Conducted

4 December 2018

The State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi graced the opening ceremony of a forum on the implementation of educational development 2018 held at Myanmar International Convention Center-2, Nay Pyi Taw and delivered an opening remark.

In her opening remark, the state counsellor pointed out that a country’s development and underdevelopment depends on how the human resource of that country extracts the natural resource and utilizes them productively and effectively. According to the international scholars, it’s notable that the education is the best tool to build the world. So, the quality education is required to establish firmly with the sizable investment in it. “The increase to the education budget of 20 percent of national spending within five years has been amended to increase the budget year by year over five years, without the 20 percent limit,” is obviously described in the national education law. And the government is carrying out to increase the budget for the education sector annually.

Moreover, the state counsellor encouraged to learn the quality of education and keep a lifelong learning and expressed her appreciation with the educational investment made by the development partners while the government invests in the education sector.

The state counsellor also stressed the needs to implement the national education strategy (2016-2021, learning in critical thinking instead of learning by-heart, collection of data, analysis, problem solving, discussions, group work, project activities, case study methods etc…

Next, the state counsellor posed for the documentary photo together with the union ministers and responsible officials and observed the exhibition booths displayed by the basic education sector.

Later, the union minister for education, Dr. Myo Thein Gyi delivered a remark.

During the forum, the working papers to be implemented starting from coming academic year, urgent requirements to be carried out for the development of basic education sector, the educational guidelines of the state counsellor and the union minister for the education will be read, according to acting director-general of the department of basic education.

Acting Director General, Department of Basic Education, Ko Lay Win said “During the forum, the working papers relating to the works to be implemented as of coming academic year by the department of basic education will be discussed. Those papers are the roadmap to be implemented. Even the budget allocation has been made for some papers. For instance, the paper on the School Quality Assurance Standard Framework-SQASF is a paper of procedures to be implemented in coming academic year.”

The forum was attended by union ministers, the parliamentarians, development partners, representatives from all different stratum of education sector.