e-Commerce Sector: Plans Are Underway To Establish Digital Economy Association

15 March 2019

Plans are underway to establish Digital Economy Association in order to boost digital economy including e-commerce sector in Myanmar.

To handle the problems of e-Commerce, to protect consumer rights and to support the local Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), the association will be established by Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFFCI) under the guidelines of Ministry of Commence.

Central Executive Committee, UMFCCI, Dr. Tun Thura Thet said “To be successful e-Commerce sector in the country, we need our owned strategy that will be inclusive by supporting infrastructures, payment methods and technical systems to fulfill the gaps. If we apply e-Commerce sector effectively, our Country will lead to cashless society, our GDP will increase and the logistics sector will be advanced.”

Myanmar is one of the fastest growing countries in smart phones and internet usage. As internet and social media are trendy in the country, e-Commerce platforms are also getting well-known in online shopping, delivery services and other services. But there are no concerned official departments or associations to handle them.

Deputy Director, Department of Trade (MOC), Myo Khing Win said “A lot of online shops and companies including foreign companies are working formal and informal e-Commerce sector. So, to find out how many online shops and companies are out there, we also plan to implement e-Commerce registration upon the establishment of Digital Economy Association. Now the ministry of commerce is also working to support the development of e-Commerce sector in collaboration with other ministries and international organizations.”

The government also needs to revise and enact regulations and laws, to support digital literacy, infrastructure, digital security and trust as well as logistics and consumer protection in order to develop e-Commence sector in Myanmar, CEO of ThitsaWork Company said.

Chief Executive Officer, ThitsaWork Solution Myanmar Co., Ltd., Nyi Nyein Aye said “Many people are using e-Commerce payment system especially on Facebook. And there are also a lot of e-Commerce providers and websites meanwhile the demands for digital contents including songs and audio books are getting higher in the country. About 70 % of population of the country is residing in rural and remote areas. It will also be effective for them if we achieve success in e-Commerce sector.”

It’s learnt that UMFFCI will carry out the necessary process taking about 6 months to establish a Digital Economy Association.