Doha's Last Mile Marshals set tune for World Cup

25 November 2022
2022-11-25 11:17

The World Cup in South Africa in 2010 had Shakira, the 1998 World Cup in France had Ricky Martin. At this year’s World Cup in Qatar is the chanting of street marshals, better known as Last Mile Marshals.

These workers have become a staple of the World Cup as they point visitors flooding the country in the right direction on their search for public transportation.

Their instructions are sung out, chanted, repeated and spark laughs among fans. Marshal Abubakar Abbas is a recognizable feature of the tournament where he is known as "Metro Man."Abubakar Abbas, Last Mile Marshal (Metro Man) said “The fans were just passing by without any engagement.

So I decided to come up with an idea where I can engage the fans and be interesting at the same time. That's how I came up with the idea and thank God it is trending now." It is stuck in my head. Even when I sleep at night, I hear metro, metro, metro ringing in my head.

I wonder which time I will wake up and go back to work. I am obsessed with this work, because it is work and it is fun and interesting and I love it. I thank God for it." Michael Gakure, Last Mile Marshal from Kenya "The happiness and the festivity fever is really viral. Everybody is (cheering). I am really enjoying myself. Even though I am working, I am enjoying myself." The vast majority of them are migrant workers from Kenya and Ghana and responded to job application ads in August and September, ahead of the World Cup.

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