Disaster Preparedness: National Natural Disaster Management Committee Holds Meeting

16 May 2018

National Natural Disaster Management Committee held their 1st meeting for the year of 2018 on Tuesday in Nay Pyi Taw to discuss preparedness.

The Committee Chairman Vice President U Henry Van Thio called for a continuous state of preparedness for seasonal and regional disasters. He also stresses indirect effects of natural disasters. The Vice President urged the Committee members to include response and rehabilitation plans in natural disaster preparedness works.

Concerning earthquake preparedness, the Vice President called for good plans from the governmental departments, use of high technology, public awareness programmes and drill as well as adoption of Building Code. The Committee Secretary reported on preparedness work process in states and regions. 

The Committee Vice Chairman reported on a series of preparedness including infrastructure and awareness programmes. Also, the Committee members reported on natural disaster preparedness in the states and regions and requirements.