Digital Literacy: Digital Literacy Teachers Training Kicked Off In Yangon

24 June 2019
2019-06-24 16:17

A total of 33 secondary school teachers from 11 Basic Education High Schools of Yangon Region are taking part in 4-day Digital Literacy Teachers Training (DLTT) pilot program co-organized by Myanmar Book Aid and Preservation Foundation (MBAPF) and US ICT Council for Myanmar in Yangon on Monday.

It was supported by the Ministry of Education aiming to equip teachers with essential digital knowledge and skills that align with the capacity-building goals set by the Union Government’s inter-ministerial Digital Economy Department Committee.

Executive Director, Myanmar Book Aid and Preservation Foundation, Dr. Thant Thaw Kaung said “We have been conducting digital literacy training for over 4 years. Nearly 8,000 participants including librarians, government staff and University teachers had been given this digital literacy training so far. Now this time, we focused the secondary school teachers because we believe that this training will bring many benefits to the teachers and they will contribute to their professional development and help them to prepare next generation students for the future.”

The pilot program will have four phases: Phase (1) covers the fundamentals of digital literacy, Phase (2) involves about the information strategy on the internet, Phase (3) features about social media ethics and critical thinking on the social media and Phase (4) includes the productivity tools by doing  practical and hands-on lessons.

Deputy Director General, Yangon Education Office (MOE), Khin Mar Swe said “In order to promote knowledge through literature to the youth, we have been carrying out library programs. When the time becomes to ICT era, we should need to focus on the digital literacy. Through this training of trainers, the teachers will get to know about the digital skills and to contribute their skills to other teachers and students. We plan to conduct such kind of digital literacy training to every school in the upcoming years.”

Digital Literacy is regarded as one of the ‘must-have’ 21st Century skills that every person should strive to learn in order to live, work and succeed in today’s knowledge economy. The officials of US ICT Council for Myanmar also stressed that US CIT Council is looking forward to work with partners to develop e-learning in Myanmar.

Executive Director, US ICT Council for Myanmar, Max Shu Teasdale said “We are focusing a lot on trainings of Government to help provide them with Digital Literacy and other technical trainings. So our members also individually are providing trainings to the government as well. I hope it that we can raise the level of digital literacy skills for all individuals in Myanmar but focusing first on secondary school teachers and students as well as some of the government workers. We are looking forward to working with partners such as new arising on e-learning so that we can provide trainings to others – all over Myanmar to the rural areas to people who are not in the big cities. So we hope that e-learning will a good platform for the local economy.”

Digital literacy has been defined by UNESCO as “the ability to access, manage, integrate, communicate, evaluate and create information safely and appropriately through digital technologies and networked devices for participation in economic and social life.”

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