Digital Art Festival: New Technology Innovations Event In Yangon

2 November 2018

The 2nd Edition of PiX Digital Art Festival jointly organized by France Institute and Embassy of France took place in Yangon, Friday.

 Digital Art Festival a common project between private company and public company as well as the France institute in Yangon. It aims to federate all the energy to show how digital industry can provide new opportunity for creation especially for the artists.

The festival features wide range of new technologies such as digital arts and workshops, visual reality videos and movies showcase, literary creation and live performances.

Ambassador, Embassy of France, Myanmar, H.E. Christian Lechervy said “France institute in Yangon was opened 1961 and after that year after year we introduced new technology in our cooperation between the France artists from industry and the other side Burmese artists and of course we used the technology of the times. And, we try to show and how we can use technology for the future and since even more than 50 years now and there are a lot of evaluation in these kinds of co-operation.... we can show how the Burmese are creative and solute with technology...........”

Digital art festival is very beneficial for education sector as it can support for the students and youths to their creative thinking and innovative idea.

Chairman, National Education Policy Commission, Dr. Myo Kywe said “These innovations and creations can inspire to the students. These creative ideas will be very useful in teaching and learning area. Digital technology is booming now so our students should emphasize and catch up to meet the digital age in order to support their carrier field.”

The students also participated with the performance of their innovative project. One of the students created the artery system using with censor and push pattern.

2nd Year (Mechatronic), Yangon Technological University, Pyae Phyo Paing said  “...I using 20 LED the using of motion detect censor and I want some more and something pat total motion detect censor and it detect accelerate. So, the censor will get a signal and it give a signal artery know mega. And then, artery knows mega will give signal to the LEDs and LED will turn on sequence as sequences….And another one is a traffic light and the sample one and as you see in your daily light….”

The Pix digital art festival will run with free entry till 1st December at France Institute in Yangon.