Delight spectators as they roam central Toulouse

4 November 2018

A giant mechanical spider and minotaur thrilled crowds in central Toulouse on Friday, as French street theatre group "La Machine" introduced its latest feat. To a person standing on the ground, Ariane the spider and Asterion the minotaur are huge: Ariane measures 13 metres, can reach up to 20 metres with her legs and weighs 38 tonnes, while Asterion is 14 metres high and weighs 47 tonnes.

They took two years to build. The machines are controlled by dozens of operators. The show is also the opening event of a new workshop for La Machine in Toulouse, which will exhibit the large and small mechanical creations of their engineers, artists, designers and technicians. The "Guardian of the Temple" show runs until November 4 and the group's Halle de la Machine workshop opens its doors on November 9.