Defense officials arrive at Mexico's southern border to begin implementing U.S. deal

12 June 2019
2019-06-12 13:06

Mexico's defense secretary arrived at the country's southern border on Tuesday because its foreign minister said the country would accelerate deployment of its a militarized police force along the border with Guatemala as part of its pact with the U.S. over immigration. at a news conference, Mexico's foreign minister said that Mexico had not requested any resources from the U.S. to implement its plan, but had asked U.S. officials to commit to develop Central America where most migrants originate.

But on Tuesday there was no sign that Mexico had started to harden the border, with migrants and locals crossing a river on rafts in sight of a busy official port of entry. Mexico signed a pact last week agreeing to control the flow of people from Central America, including deploying 6,000 members of a new national guard along its border with Guatemala.

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