Countries finalise expanded Galapagos Marine

15 January 2022
2022-01-15 14:32

Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia finalised a joint agreement on Friday to expand the Galapagos Marine Reserve to further protect one of the most biodiverse environments in the world. The expanded reserve would defend "critically endangered ecosystems, migration routes and feeding areas for endangered maritime species".

The extension of 60,000 square kilometers connects the current reserve of 198,000 square kilometers with protected Costa Rican waters. The area is known as the Galápagos-Cocos Swimway, a migratory "super-highway." Half of the total new reserve area was declared free from any kind of extractive industry, while the rest was declared a sustainable fishery, banning the use of longline fishing.

The initiative was agreed at the UN COP26 climate conference in November. The Galapagos Archipelago was declared a Natural Heritage Site for Humanity in 1978.

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