Corruption Prevention: Trial Run Of CPU Toolkit

10 October 2019
2019-10-10 11:28

Aiming to eliminate petty corruption, the Anti-Corruption Commission launched a trial run of Corruption Prevention Unit Toolkit (CPU Toolkit) in Nay Pyi Taw on Wednesday. The toolkit is supported by the innovative beneficiary engagement programme of the World Bank.

The Commission Chairman U Aung Kyi said the CPU toolkit is a mechanism for gathering the suggestions on the service provided between an ordinary citizen and a department official. He added that it is not meant to replace the existing
reporting mechanism nor supplement it.

He continued that the toolkit will prevent the common petty corruption prevalent in these offices from occurring. This programme is part of the three indispensable components of good governance, which include accountability, transparency and offering resolution.
Currently, there are 37 CPUs under 17 Ministries and 5 Union-level Institutions and all of them are assigned three objectives and six agendas.

Myanmar Police Force, Department of Fire Services, General Administration Department, Road Transportation Administration Department, Immigration Department, Population Department, Labour Department, Trade Department, Basic Education Department, Medical Services Department, Internal Revenue Department, Customs Department, Directorate of Hotels and Tourism, and Anti-Corruption Commission Office will begin trial contacts to citizens who have applied for government services. The CPU’s mobile short-code is ‘1111’.

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