Coordination Meeting: VP Addressed Meeting On Sugar And Fisheries Sectors Devt.

10 October 2019
2019-10-10 09:41

The coordination meeting on the development of sugar industry and fishries industry was held at the ministry of agriculture, livestock breeding and irrigation, Nay Pyi Taw on Wednesday and the leader of the Steering Committee for Farmers Rights, Protection and Promoting of Interests vice president U Henry Van Thio delivered an address.

In his adress, the vice president said that the country bases on the agriculture and the major farming and production are the rice, beans, millet, sugar etc.

When it comes to the agricultural crops markets, there are market limitations. Regarding with the limitations of rice industry, the meeting with the responsible persons from the Rice Federation was conducted.

In concerning with the beans, there are some limitations, it has to be run depending on the demand of the major bean buyer of India. The market limitations on sugar have been come out. During the Sugar Forum held on 19th September, the policies enabling harmoniously from the begining of growing to the market were drawn. The 12 working processes including 5 short term processes, 5 medium term and 2 long term working processes. Those processes are to be discussed in the meeting.

Out of the export items of the country, the most prospective and least limitation items are the fishries products. The departmental officials and entrepreneurs are to discuss the challenges facting, approaches to overcome, current situatons and suggestions for the development of the cane and sugar industry and fishries industry.

Based on the facts from the discussions, the meetins will be held, discussions will be conducted and decisions will be made. Next, the union minister for agriculture, livestock breeding and irrigation Dr. Aung Thu clarified the matters regarding with the agriculture and livestock breeing.

Afterward, the chairman of Myanmar Sugar and Cane Related Products Association U Soe Lin and chairman of Myanmar Fishries Federation U Htay Myint clarified the matters on the related industry.

Later, the union ministers U Win Khaing, Dr. Than Myint, Dr. Aung Thu, managing director of Myanmar Agricultural Development Bank U Min Thu, secretary of Myanmar Investment Commission U Thant Sin Lwin supplemented the discussions.

Next, the leader of the Steering Committee for Farmers Rights, Protection and Promoting of Interests vice president U Henry Van Thio urged the departmental officials and entrepreneurs to work together with the exerted efforts for the development of sugar industry and fisheries industry.


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