Convenient Travelling: Travel Season Still Boost After Thingyan

19 April 2019
2019-04-19 16:31

There is still boost in travelling after Thingyan Period, but the travellers find convenient for transportation without any difficulties, the officials from Magway Highway Bus Terminal said.

Although there are a number of travellers, the ticket price remains unchanged, the Chairman of the Terminal added.

Chairman, Magway Highway Bus Terminal, Myint Soe said “For the Highway Buses, ticket prices are normal. But for the car rental, the prices depend on the regional price. There are so much people as well for car rental.”

There is increasing Highway Bus Lines in every township of Magway Region. There are also travellers who want to rent a car for the journey back to work after Thingyan. Such renting makes reduce difficulties of travelling in Highway Bus Terminal.

Some travellers said the sales of tickets during pre-Thingyan period made them convenient for travelling.

Passenger said “There is no difficulties in travelling. And also ticket prices are as usual. But there is a little increase, about 1500 kyats. Bus terminals are good enough also for smooth commuting.”

Passenger said “Ticket prices are normal. There is no extra charge. That’s good enough for us.”

Most of the people pre-ordered tickets till the 23rd of April in Yangon-Mandalay Highway Bus Lines. It is learnt that there no difficulties for the travellers due to running of extra Bus.

Moreover, all the bus lines are urged to sell the tickets with normal price during the peak season after Thingyan. Meanwhile, the car rental fees depends on the price negotiation between the owners and customers.

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