Convenient Travelling: Special Trains Run For Commuters

13 April 2018

Myanma Railway provides a special train for the passengers for the convenient travelling during the holiday period.

Special trains have been run since April 10th. Tickets for upper class have been sold 3 days in advanced and for ordinary class are sold one day ahead.

Assistant Manager of Myanma Railways Aung Naing Myint said "The passengers during Thingyan holidays are increased 3 times more than as usual do. We even sell tickets without the seat if all the tickets with seats were run out. Not only in Thingyan holidays but consecutive public holidays as well we used to run special trains based on selling tickets. Otherwise, we add more carriages in the train in that kind of situation."

Yangon Railway Station was crowded as people returned home for Thingyan holidays on Thursday.

People said travelling by train is more convenient than other ways by car or plane.

Passenger Tin Tin Htay said "I prefer travelling by train to by car and plane as I feel secure. I used to take it and I just only need to sleep all the way to home. It’s very convenient."

Passenger Thein Htun Lwin said "I will go back to my home in Pyay. So take the train to Bagan. Actually, it is the most convenient by train to go back our place, for me."

During Thingyan holidays, only a few trains will take a break starting from the 2nd day of Thingyan to the final day but the rest will keep running.