Combating Human Trafficking: Myanmar Anti-Human Trafficking In Person Day Observed

13 September 2018

The 6th anniversary of Myanmar Anti-Human Trafficking in Person Day was observed on 13th September at Thingaha Hotel, Nay Pyi Taw and the vice president U Henry Van Thio delivered the remark at the ceremony.

Also present at the occasion were the union ministers, union attorney general, deputy ministers representatives from respective embassies, representatives from International Non-Governmental Organizations, Members of the Central Body for Suppression and Prevention of Trafficking in Persons, Civil Society Organizations and other invited guests.

In his remark, the vice president said that according to the global report released on 19th July, 2018, it is found that Myanmar ranks the 18th in position among 167 countries: 575,000 people which are approximately equivalent to 10% of the country’s population are living under modern slavery. The lists of types of modern slavery identified by the report include, apart from normal slavery, human smuggling, forced labour, slaves purchased with money, forced marriage and having the under-aged do work and selling them.

The vice president also pointed out the circumstances of trafficking cases taking place in Myanmar included forced labour, forced marriage, sexual exploitation, forced adoption and dept-bondage.

Next, a 10 minute documentary video featured the efforts of Myanmar in anti-human trafficking in persons.

The objectives of observing 6th anniversary of Myanmar Anti-Human Trafficking in Person Day are explained by Police Colonel Thet Naung, deputy chief of Myanmar Anti-Human Trafficking Police Force.

Deputy chief, Myanmar Anti-Human Trafficking Police Force, Thet Naung said “The purposes of this year’s event are to combat the human trafficking as a national duty, to protect the victims of human trafficking and to put the collective efforts including Anti-Human Trafficking police force, respective departments, media and public.”

According to the Police Colonel Thet Naung, the cases of human trafficking in persons of Myanmar are taking places at home and abroad. The 80% of cases are taking place in other countries and only 20% are at domicile.