Clash Of Robots: 1st Inter University Robotics Competition On October 28

3 September 2018

The first inter university robotics competition: Clash of Robots has opened to applicants starting from Monday Evening.

Clash of Robots, COR is jointly organized by the Myanmar Computer Professionals Association, MCPA, WYTU Students’ Union and WYTU Science & Research Club. Teams comprised of students aged between 16 and 20 from public and private universities, colleges and degree colleges can apply for the competition. Team selection will be done through an online examination after the application is closed on the 11th of September. Only 20 teams will be selected and the maximum number of people per team is 5 including designer, programmer and controller - each team is allowed to have a mentor and will be provided with Arduino Board and 50,000 kyats to purchase necessary items.

President, WYTU Students’ Union, Min Khant Maung Maung said “In November, World Robot Games 2018 will be held in the Philippines. This Clash of Robots contest is the initiative for our aim to be able to host a World Robot Games here in Myanmar in the near future. MCPA and WYTU are encouraging university students so that Myanmar can be exposed to ASEAN level robotics competitions more. The winners will be provided with scholarships. We’ll also provide technical supports for them so that they can participate in bigger contests and also training to be able to lead project contests in their universities.”

Set to be held at the conference hall of MICT Park on the 28th of October, the upcoming Clash of Robots competition will include 3 categories; Sumo, Pick Things Up and Racing. Winners will be chosen from each category – besides, Best Creation Award (Design & Coding) and People Choice Award will be presented.