Civics Talks: Civics Talks Held At Yangon University Diamond Jubilee Hall

8 April 2019
2019-04-08 10:05

Civics talks were held at Diamond Jubilee Hall of Yangon University on Sunday.

The talks were jointly organized by Myanmar Writers Club and Royal Myanmar Tea mix.

Yangon Mayor and many other officials attended the talks. Vice Chairman of Myanmar Writers Club explained about the aims of this Civics Talks which are to help the members of society understand and follow the ethics and disciplines more and more. Civics Education, Responsibilities, Disciplines and many other related topics were discussed in the talks,

Chairman, Myanmar Writers Club, Kaung Thant said “We are trying to spread the civics more across the country. Such talks were held in 131 schools and universities across the country. This one is the second edition with different types of topics. We’ve already launched Civics education for Grade 2 and 3 students. We have plans for the other grades students as well.”

The Chairman added that the civics talks are not only for students but for all also. Writers, singers and actors participated in the talks which were conducted with two sessions and concluded with question and answer session.

Actor, Nay Min said “Sayar Min Khaik Soe San invited me. I have read about civics a lot and I knew how much important the civics is for our life. I have a lot of questions about civics also and I’d discuss as much as I can.”

The Civics talks attracted about 700 people including members of Myanmar Scout Association, governmental officials and teachers and students from the Basic Education High schools. Myanmar Writers Club has plans to hold Civics Debates, Civics Examinations and Civics presentations to turn out good citizens.


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